How to Make Your Residence Feel at Home

Partially owning a private residence is a great investment. It becomes your home away from home. Here at Timbers Resorts, we want to make sure you understand what this means by allowing you to make your residence feel like home.  

Listed below are ways to make your residence feel at home.

Timbers Jupiter Home

Bring Your Own Pictures 

In almost any home you walk into, there are pictures around the house that showcase family, friends or good memories. This is a small thing that turns a house into a home. Here at Timbers Jupiter, our team has the ability to help make this happen. Our Owners have private storage lockers where they can keep items in year round, and team members will prepare your residence with these items before you arrive.

Leave Your Clothes 

You are able to leave your weather-specific clothes in your locker as well. This is a great touch for families who are from colder climates and have a residence at Timbers Jupiter. By keeping your items in storage, our Timbers team is able to place your clothes in your closet before you arrive. Coming back to a full closet can make you feel right back at home. 

Timbers Jupiter Boat

Go on Vacation with Your Timbers Friends

One of the great parts about Timbers Resorts are the amazing Owners. Many of our Owners become friends with each other, which allows for more family fun. Some families adjust their weeks to match with their friends. Having familiar faces around you while on vacation can make you feel at home and makes any day better. 


If you plan on being at your Timbers home during the holidays, decor is encouraged. Whether you bring your stockings for Christmas, your menorah for Hanukkah or your pumpkins for Halloween, you are able to bring life into your residence. Spending the holidays in sunny Florida should always be special. 



Nothing tastes quite as good as a home cooked meal. Before your next arrival, the Timbers team will have your residences stocked with your favorite groceries upon arrival. This eliminates one of the tasks that you may have when being on vacation. Having dinner with all your Timbers Jupiter friends is the best way to make unforgettable memories. 


To learn more about ownership opportunities at Timbers Jupiter, please contact us at 561.440.5362 or [email protected]