Wine isn’t just a beverage on the dinner table at Timbers Resorts; for many of our Owners and guests, wine is a way of looking at life.

Indeed, we believe that every glass is a great pleasure to behold, to discuss, to share … and, yes, to enjoy slowly over a sunset or a crackling fire.

As much as they join us for any number of favorite reasons, our Owners and guests come to us for the wine experience that Timbers Resorts has come to represent. What follow are some recent highlights of how we make that a touchstone of our properties, all year round.

  • Start with the heart of Wine Country. PlumpJack and its family of wineries grow and blend grapes in some the finest climates, worldwide. Timbers Collection Members reap the fruit of our deep commitment to the company’s winemaking vision, enjoying a PlumpJack Passport that affords them access to three of its premier locations. Work your way through PlumpJack Estate, CADE, and Odette, one glass at a time.
  • As you learn the wines you love, sometimes you find bottles that are hard to come by. At Timbers Resorts, our close connection to Italian Wine Merchants, one of the most respected procurers of exceptional vintages on the planet, helps to solve that quandary. From four different wine-club membership subscription programs to Italian Wine Merchants’ extraordinary cellar-management services, every oenophile is working with the best, to taste the best, every time.
  • Timbers Resorts even bottles a signature blend. At Castello di Casole, 100 acres of idyllic land in Tuscany, the grapes hang heavy before they’re picked and made into exclusive vintages. Timbers Collection Members get special access to these bottles — and our Members are also invited to come to the property and watch how the wine is made.
    There is more on the horizon as well. We think that wine is about learning, and Timbers Resorts will soon create new opportunities to do just that across our portfolio of luxury fractional resorts.

Is it time to uncork your next wine experience? Why not join us over some cab or a pinot noir. Wine is a way of experiencing the pleasures of life, here, and Timbers Resorts is your gateway to the best that you can pour.

To learn more about Timbers Resorts, please contact us at 800.941.4579 (toll free) or 970.963.4626 (direct) or via email at