The Timbers Collection Travel & Lifestyle Partners partners designed to ease and enhance the traveling experience

The Timbers Collection is a portfolio of resorts and residence clubs recognized for their grace, sophistication and overwhelming sense of place. As an Owner at a Timbers Collection property, you have the opportunity to further enhance your ownership experience with a host of perks and privileges from some of the most recognized travel and lifestyle partners in the world.

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At Timbers Resorts, we’re always looking for ways to make the travel experience even more enjoyable, comfortable and hassle-free for our Owners and their families. To that end, we have partnered with a number of travel industry leaders to offer Timbers Collection Members preferred access to private jet travel, luxury car services, doorstep-to-destination luggage shipping, and VIP treatment at more than 850 airport lounges worldwide. Whether it’s with a direct flight in a private jet or just saving a few minutes while renting a car, these partnerships are sure to ease and expedite the travel experience so one can concentrate on what’s most important – enjoying their vacation.

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Just as Timbers Resorts is committed to making the travel experience more enjoyable, comfortable and hassle-free, we also want to ensure that it’s safe and secure. Timbers Collection Members benefit from the extra assurance offered by our safe and secure travel partners, leaders in emergency response who can provide the most important vacation service possible – ensuring peace of mind.

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the leisurely lifestyle

Timbers Resorts feels fortunate to have partnered with leading experts in luxury hospitality that are known for their superior services and incomparable amenities. Timbers Collection Members can enjoy additional benefits from these partnerships through a selection of special rates and preferred offerings that extend beyond the services and amenities at Timbers Resorts properties. From savings on hotel rooms, to shopping and spa discounts, to wine tastings, special events and more, Timbers Collection Members will enjoy and delight in these exclusive opportunities.

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Adventuresome travel

Timbers Collection Members share a sense of exploration, adventure and an appreciation for an active lifestyle. To quench the ever-present thirst for new endeavors, we’ve partnered with world-class travel connoisseurs to present one-of-a-kind getaways, exciting day trips and an array of educational activities. The customized experiences we offer promise inspiring routes, unique cultural encounters and premier access – all with the perfect balance of culture, luxury and adventure.

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wine & refine

Timbers Collection Members have the opportunity to experience some of the world’s greatest wine.  With wine clubs, cellar management services, complimentary wine tastings and availability to exclusive vintages, appreciating one of life’s greatest pleasures can be enjoyed as often as possible. 

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spa & wellness

At Timbers Resorts, we’re redefining the very notions of wellness, life in balance and bliss. It’s part of an active, healthy and rejuvenating lifestyle that is a trademark of our company. Always on the lookout for ways to enhance the membership experience, we’re delighted to offer special services and offers from some of the most respected names in the fields of body mindfulness and healthful living, as well as preferred rates at Timbers Resorts spas around the world.

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