Thanksgiving’s a festive time that brings the whole family together for a feast and lots of fun. Keep everyone busy and engaged with group games such as these classic crowd-pleasers to play at Timbers Resorts this Turkey Day.


The art of playing chess requires developing a strategy from the get go; the goal being to control the board from the very first move. Taking on seasoned opponents offers a chance to challenge yourself. Teaching beginners provides the opportunity to introduce a game they can play for years. Other board game favorites that appeal to groups and a variety of ages include Monopoly, Sorry, Life, Battleship, Taboo and Murder Mystery Mansion.


The object of this game is for one person to look at a word on a card and get their team to guess it without saying a word, and instead gesturing in imaginative ways. Keep the kids occupied longer by having them create the game cards (by writing words on a grid on paper and cutting out the cards with scissors). It also ensures the game is played at an age-appropriate level, since kids are the ones providing the words.


Make your own version of Pictionary with an easel loaded with plenty of paper and a few packs of markers. Refresher: This game is the same as charades, but with drawing instead of gesturing.

Flag Football

It’s just good-ole, classic Americana Thanksgiving. Ask the concierge at your Timbers Resort to suggest a nearby park or outdoor area most suitable for family football.

Chopstick Pass

Bring as many sets of chopsticks with you on your trips as are family members, then play the chopstick pass game. Have everyone sit around close to one another, break into two teams (if there are at least eight people) and select an item that is tricky that both teams have to pass with chopsticks, down the line and back up the line to the starting point.


When in doubt, play cards. Stick with faithful standbys like Uno, Crazy Eights, Go Fish and War.

Freeze Dance

Trying to tucker out the troops? You can never go wrong with freeze dance. Put on some thumping music and have one take turns controlling the music. When it stops, the dancing stops. Each time you’ll end up having people fall over, or stop too late, until there’s one person left. Just be sure to have the video camera handy to capture some priceless footage.

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